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How to buy Real Estate

     Let’s talk about buying real estate. Before you start looking it is very important to get pre-qualified to see what you can afford. This is a simple process by which you call our Company and speak to the Owner/Broker Frank Stoto. If I feel based on the information, you can qualify for a mortgage we will talk about the many Mortage Programs.

     There are many mortgage programs and some will give you the downpayment (which is fixed into your mortgage) and that is 3 1/2% of the purchase price. When we negotiate a contract we try to get the closing costs paid by the seller and that can be up to 3% of the purchase price. We discuss what your options are for a mortgage and we look to get the best interest rate and terms.

     After we get your pre-qualifying letter its time to set you up in the multiple listing service which all real estate companies belong to. We give you everything on the market including foreclosures and bank properties in full details that match your criteria, and daily updates. Then we start teaching you how to read the multiple listing pages and the easy process of looking at the homes.

     I have structured hundreds of contracts and since I work for you, protection is #1. We will schedule appts. for you to look at these homes and advise you of any issues and if the price is too high or low.

     In order to buy property you need a seasoned agent that knows everything about putting the best deal possible together. Feel free to call me anytime at 860-283-5900.Thank you.


Our Home Buying Services! Now get Pre-qualified through our Company!

 Frank Stoto (Broker/Owner) GRI/ABR 1-866-584-5789

Exclusive Buyers Agents

     If you or someone you know wants to buy property, please take the time to read this. The enclosed letter is a brief description of what a Buyers Agent’s duties are to his client. 
In the United States there are over one million licensed real estate agents.There are less than 10,000 accredited buyer’s representatives (ABR) – which means one out of every 1000 has the training and knowledge to fully protect and guide you in buying real estate! Under State Law all agents work for the Seller, unless you are under contract as a Buyers Agent (Free for our clients). 
Get ready for the biggest investment of your life!  Avoid making your first mistake; It could stay with you the rest of your life.  It’s not easy to find the home you want at the best price, or is it?  When you read the newspaper or go online you only see 1% of the market and most of that is already under deposit.  Where are the good deals?  They are sold within a week!  Why do you talk to so many realtors?  Today, just as you put a lawyer or accountant to work for your best interests, you can do the same with a Realtor/Specialist.  Do you want to buy property with no money down and have the seller pay closing costs?  This process is made easy by working with us and our clients know about property on a daily basis.
Our ideas on what protection you need are years ahead of conventional agents. The buyers we work with learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry. We act as Exclusive Buyer’s Agents and our loyalty is with the client.  When it comes time to structure a contract to protect our clients, we are highly qualified as the “Best of the Best” in all aspects of Real Estate and we have agents throughout the State, covering all of Connecticut.  Are you looking for foreclosure lists?  Do you want to be pre qualified over the phone?  Do you want an agent to show you property and point out all the problems with that property? Do you want Superior Service and agents that return phone calls, in a timely manner?  What are MLS, HUD, FDIC, Estate and Bank properties?  We have access to every listing in the State of Connecticut and Massachusetts and now Registered in Vermont for Investments. 

     Since my “New Concept” has been in place, we have signed up over 10,000 clients and we are the fastest growing Real Estate Company in the State!  The reason for this is based on truth and protection for buyers in real estate! So please give me a call so I can get you on the right track for buying property. 


     We have a Credit Review Program to help people improve their Credit Score to purchase a Home.This program has placed many in homes and you know your status within a short period of time!  We are changing the way Real Estate is done, and our “New Concept” has been proven over the past 17 years. If you are looking for "Truth and Protection" along with working with agents that have over 20+ years of negotiating hundreds of transactions in the best interest of their clients, then call us anytime.   
     Learn more about Buying and Selling Real Estate, plus agent recruitment, and give us a call 24/7. God Bless you and your family!



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