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Buying or Selling Real Estate is an Education and I have over 20+ years in the business protecting my clients from making mistakes. There are many loan programs and some require $0 down. If you are selling your home getting full exposure on line is very good and my web site gets over 150 hits a month and is connected to 100 other web sites, your listing goes on,Craigs list and MLS State Wide and over 100+ online sites. Get truth and protection for your family.....

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It’s time to buy and invest in Real Estate as the Market bottoms out. The interest rates are low. You don’t need a lot of money to buy a home, just 3 1/2% down and some Mortgage Programs pay that down payment. We have negotiated hundreds of contracts where the seller pays closing costs, so our clients get into a home with very little money. There are many Multi-families on the Market under $45,000 and a 203K Program can give you $35,000 to fix it up to either sell or live in and you can make a great profit!

If you are in the Market to sell a home, there are many things you must understand about Marketing your home and we are one of the few Companies that give you maximum exposure: MLS-Conn...Realtor.Com…..Craig’s List….Company Web Site and over 100 Web Site Links.

So feel free to call anytime to discuss your needs and visit our Company website to learn more about Buying and Selling Real Estate.

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$275,500 - Owner Broker
595 Litchfield Rd.
Harwinton, Connecticut 06791
4 Bed / 1 Bath
Size: 2,394 Sq. Ft.
595 litchfield rd.

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